The Best Buenos Aires Bike Tours

I believe that Buenos Aires is best seen by bike.

The pulse of the city lies in its neighborhoods.

The Parisian charm of Recoleta, the grit of La Boca, the rugged charm of San Telmo, and the upscale modernity of Puerto Madero…

Each barrio is wildly different from the next and yet all somehow completely represent the essence of Buenos Aires.

The city is also very well organized for bikers with a well designed circuit of bike lanes that interconnects throughout.

So, hop on one of these Buenos Aires bike tours to explore the city from La Boca to Palermo and see them all with an informative, fun guide!

My bamboo bike outside Biking Buenos Aires for their urban art tour

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The Best Buenos Aires Bike Tours

After 14 years living in Buenos Aires, my favorite way to get around is on my bike.

I beat traffic. I can people watch and see the street art.

I feel like I’m really seeing the city around me.

Combining a bike and a knowledgeable guide is a great formula for a city tour.

These tours are broken down mostly by area. Do you want to use your time learning the history on the southern side of town or would you rather relax, pedaling through the green spaces of Palermo?

Alternatively, you could take a bike tour as a Buenos Aires day trip to Tigre and leave the city altogether!

Keep reading to find the best tour for your interests and itinerary.

Biking Buenos Aires: What To Know

I was invited to try out a tour with Biking Buenos Aires (specifically the urban art tour, number 4 on the list below). As always, all opinions are my own.

All tours listed in this guide are offered by Biking Buenos Aires. With more than 20 years of experience and their passion for this city, I trust them to offer you a great experience.

So, now that you’re going on a bike tour in Buenos Aires, what can you expect?

And Biking Buenos Aires has offered all of my readers a discount! Use code SOLSALUTE to save 10% on any of their tours.

  • Biking Buenos Aires gives you the choice between a classic bike with a basket or their bamboo bikes. I had to try the bamboo bike, it was a smooth ride!
  • Buenos Aires bike tours with kids? Their age limit is 10. For babies or small toddlers they have bike seats.
  • Meals can be adapted for vegetarians or vegans.
  • All tours include a water bottle with filtered water per person on your bike. You don’t need to pack anything extra unless you want to but for comfort, I recommend packing light.
  • They provide helmets, each one hand painted with a uniquely Buenos Aires design!

💸READER DISCOUNT: Book directly with Biking Buenos Aires here and use code SOLSALUTE to save 10% on your tour.

1. Full-Day Buenos Aires Bike Tour

If you have the energy and the time my top recommendation would be this full-day Buenos Aires bike tour (discount: used code SOLSALUTE so save 10%).

This is the tour to choose for those on a time crunch – you want to see as much as possible in little time.

In 7 hours you will bike over 20 kilometers through Buenos Aires.

But don’t worry, only 3 hours is spent actually pedaling, spread out throughout the day and at a relaxed pace.

The tour goes from Recoleta to La Boca and everywhere in between. It even includes a visit to the city’s beautiful ecological reserve behind Puerto Madero, a spot rarely visited by tourists but loved by locals.

A lunch break is included, which I always enjoy on group tours like this. You get to know your guide and fellow tour mates and exchange tips on the city while experiencing an authentic local meal.

2. Heart of the City Bike Tour – The Highlights

Discover Buenos Aires’ most iconic landmarks by going on this southern circuit 5-hour Buenos Aires bike tour (DISCOUNT: use code SOLSALUTE to save 10%).

Utilizing mainly dedicated bike lanes, your guide will show you the Casa Rosada in Plaza de Mayo, colonial San Telmo, and Caminito in La Boca.

You’ll also bike through modern Puerto Madero and the Ecological Reserve behind it, which feels miles from the city despite being the heart of downtown.

This is great tour to see the main highlights in just half a day, much easier and at a relaxed pace.

You could try to see all of these locations in one day by taxi but you’ll feel hard pressed to enjoy it. With a bike you can buzz from one to the other and take it all in without rushing.

Your guide will teach you the city’s history and provide a little treat to cap off the day.

3. The North: parks, Plazas, Palermo & Recoleta

Go further north to posh Recoleta and the green, expansive parks of Palermo with this 5 hour bike tour (DISCOUNT: Use code SOLSALUTE to save 10%).

You’ll bike about 15 kilometers to visit Evita’s grave, see the city’s rose garden, and drink mate in the park (just like a local).

This tours is ideal for families because the bike lanes are wider and the parks are much more relaxed than the busier city streets in the south.

Remember the age cut off is usually 10 years old but they do have bike seats for the tiniest ones (I love biking with my toddler on the back of my bike!).

This tour offers a bit of fresh air in the city’s biggest Central Park inspired green spaces while still including history (the Recoleta Cemetery) and culture of hip Palermo Soho.

4. Hidden Graffiti & Urban Art Buenos Aires Bike Tour

This hidden graffiti ride is the bike tour I tried out with Biking Buenos Aires. (Discount: use code SOLSALUTE to save 10%).

This is the best option for you if you’re interested in getting off the beaten path or learning about Buenos Aires street art.

I’d describe it as an alternative tour of the southern highlights. We met our guide and picked our bikes and helmets at the office, in a historic San Telmo home.

Like most of these tours, it was about 5 hours in total but the actual time pedaling was light and relaxed. The tour started out with empanadas and getting to know each other.

Then we explored mostly Barracas and La Boca, seeing a side of the barrios that were new to me despite having gone dozens of times.

Our guide gave us background and history to the art we saw and we ended the day by leaving our own mark on the city’s street art.

A wooden boat advances down a river
Bike out to the Tigre Delta, north of town, and kayak through the canals

5. Tigre & San Isidro Day Trip by Bike

If you want to get out of town for the day then go on this day trip bike tour to Tigre and San Isidro. (Discount: Use code SOLSALUTE to save 10%).

San Isidro is a suburb north of the city. The historic downtown is beautiful with buildings dating back to the original European settlements, a weekend craft market, and a stunning cathedral.

Tigre is even further north. You’ll bike around 30 kilometers (total throughout the day) to reach the tropical river delta, an ecosystem unlike anything else you’ve seen in Buenos Aires.

Once in Tigre, you’ll be able to kayak in the delta and experience an asado for lunch. This is the best nature escape near the city, where it can feel hard to escape the concrete otherwise.

You’ll really feel like a local on this tour. To cut the distance, you’ll take your bike on the train like a local (something I do all the time to get out for the day!).

Read More: How to visit Tigre from Buenos Aires

6. Rent a Bike

If you’d rather rent your own bike (or loved your tour so much you want to keep going!) you can rent a bike here.

Rentals include locks, helmets, and even child seats.

They are the best place to rent a bike in Buenos Aires. It’s also the same company offering the tours I recommend above.

When you rent a bike they don’t leave you hanging. They will help you build a route and give you recommendations on where to eat along the way.

💸READER DISCOUNT: Book directly with Biking Buenos Aires here and use code SOLSALUTE to save 10% on your tour.

Safety of a Bike Tour in Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires is as safe as any other large, metropolitan city.

Petty theft can and does happen here so be aware of your surroundings and when in doubt be discreet.

For more information, read my post about Buenos Aires safety tips.

And since it’s recommendable for being on a bike tour anyway, pack light.

Do bring your camera and phone, just put them away after your done taking your photos.

Concerning streets, there is a well-established (and constantly improving) system of bike lanes here. Tours use them whenever possible.

Otherwise, drivers are used to bikers in the street. Locals and delivery apps all use bikes and drivers are accustomed to them.

Just be respectful and mindful when not in a bike lane, also never use the sidewalk (don’t be that guy).

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