Cuyo is Argentina’s wine region at the foot of the Andes.

Snow-capped mountains loom over Mendoza’s vineyards and welcome adventurists looking to go white water rafting, hiking, or horseback ride in San Martín’s historic footsteps.

The desert landscapes of San Luis, San Juan, and La Rioja are otherworldly with red towering formations and jagged canyons.

Many only scratch the surface in Cuyo with a short visit to Mendoza but there is plenty waiting to be discovered here.

Dried vines in a vineyard in winter in front of a mountain range

Cuyo at a Glance

Provinces: Mendoza, La Rioja, San Juan, & San Luis

Highlights: Mendoza’s wineries and the Andes, Parque Telampaya in La Rioja, and Valle de la Luna in San Juan

When to visit: Mendoza is great year-round with hot, dry summers and mild winters, harvest is in March, and a lively time to visit the wine regions. La Rioja and San Juan can be too hot in summer, winter months are ideal.

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