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I’m Erin and I write & manage Sol Salute. I was born and raised in a beautiful, small town in Texas. After staying close to home for university (Gig ‘Em Aggies!), I took off and never looked back. I’ve lived abroad for my entire adult life: studying in Spain and spending nearly a year in the US Virgin Islands before settling in Buenos Aires, where I have spent the past 9 years building my life.

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Why I Travel & Where I’ve Been

I have always been tempted by the unknown. I love the feeling of boarding a plane to a new country, not knowing anyone where I’m going or what to expect. I spent a semester in Granada, Spain. Then I returned for a post-graduate degree in hospitality in Marbella & Barcelona.

Next, I spent nearly a year working in the Virgin Islands before moving one last time to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve been here for 9 years and have properly settled down and put down roots, exchanging my Spanish accent for a Porteño one.

I miss my family and friends back in Texas, but the friends I’ve made along the way are the family I chose. I’ve learned a new language and greatly expanded my appetite. I kept telling myself, one more year abroad and then I’ll start my “real life.”

11 years later and turns out, this is my real life. I love living abroad, I love the challenge. Traveling the world has shown me that the world is intrinsically a good place filled with kind people, fascinating cultures, and damn good street food.

In this blog, I want to help you explore my new home of Argentina, where my heart is in Texas, and everywhere in between.

Anecdotes From The Road

I’m a clumsy person and prone to embarrass myself in public. This is no different when I travel! Even travel bloggers make mistakes…here are some personal anecdotes from my travels. Learn from my mistakes and have a laugh at my expense.

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