Travel Resources

My Travel Resource Library

Over my 13 years of traveling and living abroad, I’ve narrowed down my travel planning process. Here are all of the online services and resources I use to plan my trips, from start to finish. – Rental Cars

I love road trips which has led me to rent a lot of cars along the way. is the biggest name in the business and I have used them across Argentina, in South Africa, and when I need a car at home in Texas.

Packing Guides & Gear Reviews

Here are all my packing lists and gear reviews, filled with all the things I can’t leave home without.

Google My Maps

The best way to assure you see everything you want to see is to plot it out on a map before your trip. I have a map in Google MyMaps for every trip I’ve ever planned in the past 2 years.

As I do my research I put a pin in for every single restaurant, winery, taco stand, museum, anything I want to see. I color code them to make things even easier when I’m on the go in the destination.

This way I can plan my days accordingly, knowing exactly what parts of the city will need more time. If it’s a road trip, this helps decide my route. If I’m hungry for lunch in a random spot in New York, I can open the map and see which restaurant I had wanted to try might be nearby.

Accommodation Resources for Hotels

My favorite site for reserving hotels is without a doubt

They have great prices, variety and the most flexible cancellation policies. They are also very widely used where I live in Argentina so you’ll have a lot of options with them.

Activities & Tours

Viator – Tours, Activities & Drivers

Viator is the top provider of tours, activities, and even private transfers or drivers.

Whatever you need, you’ll find it with Viator. I love going on organized tours as a way to get to a new city with local guides, like our market tour in Mexico City.

Get Your Guide – Tours

Get Your Guide is very similar to Viator. I like to compare both before making a decision because sometimes, for some reason, one is slightly cheaper than the other for a specific tour.