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Who am I?

I’m Erin, I’m the type-A traveler behind Sol Salute. I’m an expat traveler. Never a fan of living out of a suitcase, I’ve always preferred to uproot completely, building a home in a new city. I use my home base of Buenos Aires (Spain and the USVI before that), to plan epic vacations.

I plan every detail and exhaustively research each trip, plotting out maps of each empanada house, taco truck, and winery to plan my itinerary around. Sol Salute was created as a place to share my research with other like-minded travelers.

My informative itineraries and guides answer every question I had while doing my own planning as well as the mistakes I made, things I would have done differently, and personal anecdotes.

All of this combined with high-quality photography inspires thousands of fellow explorers to follow in my footsteps.

Why Work With Me?

With the internet at our fingertips, we are now our own travel agents. Gone are the days of pouring over guide books or letting a professional build our itinerary.

Travelers in 202O have taken control, using websites like Sol Salute to plan every minute detail of their vacations.

By working with me, your brand or destination will be given access to these travelers. They are your target clientele.

Important Numbers

Average Monthly Page Views: 52,500

DA: 34

Social Media Following: 13,131

Who’s Reading Sol Salute?

Last updated | February 2020, reflecting an average of the previous 3 months (Nov. 15 – Feb. 15)

These are pre-pandemic numbers and what I expect to return to when travel resumes.


United States – 56%

Argentina – 12%

Mexico/Canada – 9.61%

Europe – 9.3%


25-34 – 43%

35-44 – 16%

45-54 – 12%

55-64 – 12%


Female – 69%

Male – 31%

Examples of Previous Work

A woman stands on cobblestone in front of a garden and colonial style pink home

Luxury Estancia near Buenos Aires

In March 2019 I worked with La Bandada, a luxury estancia in San Miguel del Monte. I delivered a post dedicated to our stay in their guesthouse and experience on the property.

A Mexico City Market Tour

In July 2019 I worked with Bondabu to promote their tour of La Merced Market. I delivered a post dedicated to our experience including high-quality photography..

A mural on the wall of a market with bananas and mangos on the market table
A large metal sign in front of a restaurant

Hotel & Winery in Mendoza

In 2018, I worked with the Bodega la Azul winery in the Uco Valley. In this post, I covered their excellent winery lunch experience and hotel.

Tours in South Africa

In late 2018, I worked with two different tour companies in St. Lucia, South Africa on three different uniquely South African experiences.

Three giraffes stand above the trees

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