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¿Quién es Sol Salute y qué puedo ofrecer a tu negocio o destino?

Soy Erin, la persona detrás de la marca Sol Salute, un blog de viajes mayormente enfocado en promover el turismo en Argentina a viajeros internacionales.

Fundé mi pagina web en 2017 y en estos 6 años mi blog ha crecido para ser el mayor referente en la región para extranjeros (principalmente de los Estados Unidos y Europa).

He logrado alcanzar una audiencia importante en varias plataformas y cada seguidor o lector es un cliente potencial para tu negocio o destino.

¿Cómo te puedo promocionar?

  • EN EL BLOG | En los ultimos 3 meses, mi blog recibio un promedio de 106,500 visitas mensuales (Jan 15, 2022-April 14, 2023). Escribo guías sobre destinos y también sobre productos, experiencias, hoteles e itinerarios.
  • ARGENTINA TRAVEL TIPS, FACEBOOK GROUP | Como otra rama del blog, armé un grupo de Facebook para poder hablar con mis lectores y seguidores de una manera más personal. Hoy (28 de octubre 2023) tiene de 28,500 miembros con un crecimiento constante de 150 por dia.
  • CONSULTANTE PERSONAL | Ofrezco llamadas personales con lectores que quieren ayuda personalizada para organizar sus viajes. Les ayudo a elegir rutas, hoteles y destinos para concretar sus itinerarios.
  • INSTAGRAM | Mi cuenta cuenta con 7,400 seguidores que son fieles y confían en mis recomendaciones. Tengo una alta tasa de interacción del 10%.
  • EMAIL | Mando un newsletter cada mes a una lista de 5,000+ suscritores

Mándame mail a para ver como podemos trabajar juntos.

who Am I?

I’m Erin, I’m the type-A traveler behind Sol Salute. I’m an expat traveler. Never a fan of living out of a suitcase, I’ve always preferred to uproot completely, building a home in a new city.

I use my home base of Buenos Aires (Spain and the USVI before that), to plan epic vacations.

I plan every detail and exhaustively research each trip, plotting out maps of each empanada house, taco truck, and winery to plan my itinerary around.

Sol Salute was created as a place to share my research with other like-minded travelers.

My informative itineraries and guides answer every question I had while doing my own planning as well as the mistakes I made, things I would have done differently, and personal anecdotes.

All of this combined with high-quality photography inspires thousands of fellow explorers to follow in my footsteps.

Why work with me?

With the internet at our fingertips, we are now our own travel agents.

Gone are the days of pouring over guide books or letting a professional build our itinerary.

Travelers in 2023 have taken control, using websites like Sol Salute to plan every detail of their vacations.

By working with me, your brand or destination will be given access to these travelers.

They are your target clientele.

Important Numbers

Average Monthly Page Views: 107,700

DA: 44

Social Media Following: 13,131

Who’s Reading Sol Salute?

Last updated | September 2023, reflecting an average of the previous 3 months

Top Locations

United States – 48%

Argentina – 15%

Mexico/Canada – 7%

Europe – 9.3%


25-34 – 30%

35-44 – 21%

18-24 – 17%

45=54 – 15%


Female – 48%

Male – 52%

Previous Work

Here are examples of previous collaborations and sponsored content.

I’d love to work with you in a similar way to promote your destination, property, or activity!

Be Part Of My Travel Narrative

Get in touch with me, I’d love to hear from you.

Send me an email at erin [at] solsalute [dot] com with your ideas on how we can work together.

I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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