The Best Wineries in Patagonia

When you think of Argentina wine regions the first thing you think of is Mendoza.

That is by design.

In 1934, President Agustín P. Justo passed La Ley Nacional de Vinos, limiting all wine production to the Cuyo region.

Until this point, wineries were found all over Argentina from the Northeastern Mesopotamia to Rio Negro in Patagonia.

This was meant to protect Mendoza. Its desert climate kept it from accessing other successful national industries like cattle and wheat.

The result was stunting a culture of wine production and appreciation for decades, closing off previously highly productive Patagonia vineyards.

Thankfully, these days you can find wine being produced all over Argentina and the Patagonia wineries in particular produce showstopping Pinot Noirs, Rieslings and Sauvignon Blancs.

Casa Yague in Trevelin is my favorite Patagonia winery with the best white wines on the market.

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the Best Patagonia Wineries

I first wrote this article after visiting the city of Neuquen and its wineries.

Since that visit I’ve been lucky to visit a number of Patagonia wine regions from Rio Negro, Trevelin in Chubut, and even El Bolson (just south of Bariloche).

Expectedly, the cool climate this far south has its impact on the vines grown here.

Due to the cooler temperatures, you’ll find varietals like Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and even Riesling.

This article is a list of all the best Patagonia wineries, organized by region.

Patagonia is a massive bulk of territory in southern Argentina. You won’t be able to visit all of these wine regions in one trip, they are spread all over (see map at the end of this post as a guide).

Patagonia Wineries in Neuquén

The city of Neuquen is not a beautiful city. It is known for its oil production (think Midland in West Texas, would you want to travel to Midland for fun?).

It took a 1 peso flight (yes, 1 peso) and the promise of wineries in Patagonia to get me to Neuquen for the first time back in 2018.

The wineries here can be found about an hour northwest of the city in the San Patricio del Chañar municipality. Bodega Fin del Mundo was the first on the scene, opening in 1999.

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Neuquen Wineries: What to Know

Temperature variance (hot desert days in the summer and cold nights) as well as wind play a big part in producing high quality wines here.

The wind keeps the vines healthy and insect-free, as well as resulting in grapes with more robust skin.

This thicker skin produces the best Pinot Noir in Argentina with a rich flavor and deep red color.

Buy a bottle of a Pinot Noir from Mendoza and you’ll notice that it’s nearly transparent compared to one from Neuquen.

Pinot Noir, along with Merlot, are the varietals to try here.

Neuquen Wineries to Visit

All wineries are open all week offering guided tours and tastings. They require prior reservations, so click the links below to organize your visits in advance.

  • Bodega Familia Schroeder | Tours & Reservations | A rare wine-dinosaur mash up, the fossil of a massive dinosaur was discovered here when they were preparing the vineyard, the Panamericansaurus Schroederi. Unsurprisingly, there’s a bit of a dino theme to the branding here. Tours are offered daily and they have a great restaurant for lunch.
  • Malma | Tours & Reservations | Malma was my favorite stop of the day, we had our lunch here and were lucky enough to have beautiful wind-free weather to eat outside. The tasting was excellent and the property was gorgeous.
  • Bodega Fin del Mundo | Tours & Reservations | Being the big name in the region, I was sad to miss it (next time). Their website leaves a lot to be desired in terms of user friendliness, but they do offer tours so email them for up to date information (as the website is a bit of a dead end).
  • Secreto Patagonico | A fourth winery in Neuquen but unfortunately, last time I checked they are not open to the public.
One big bunch of purple grapes hangs from a vine

Bodega des de la Torre, Chos Malal

Contact: | Website

400 kilometers from San Patricio del Chañar’s bodegas, Bodega Des de la Torre is located at the foot of the Andes Mountains on the famous Ruta 40 highway.

This tiny boutique winery in Chos Malal produces high quality organic and biodanamic wines.

Des de la Torre is a bit isolated but if you plan on driving north on the Ruta 40 (perhaps from the lake district to Mendoza) you should definitely visit this stand out boutique winery in Chos Malal.

Patagonia Wine in El Bolson & El Hoyo

El Bolson is a hippie town two hours south of Bariloche.

It is famous for its hiking, its artisan market, and even its hops, but wine lovers should also pay attention.

The fertile valley here produces everything from fine fruits to hops and yes, even grapes.

El Bolson’s vineyards are actually mostly located in El Hoyo, 15 minutes south of El Bolson proper.

El Hoyo Patagonia Wine Circuit

If you’ll be in El Bolson, read my complete guide here. But for just the wine, you can visit these Patagania wineries in a single day:

  • Mammarelli Wines
  • Patagonian Wines – They’ve been here the longest and are the biggest winery here. Schedule a picnic lunch for the best experience (lots of wine, food, and views while you eat).
  • Bodega y Viñedos Ayestarán Allard – Visit after Patagonian wines, they’re next door, ask Patagonian Wines how to get there and they’ll direct you to a different exit gate. I loved our tour here, it was my favorite in the area.
  • Los Retamos Alfajores – Yes, this is a winery guide but these alfajores are SO excellent they deserve an inclusion. Just around the corner from Ayestaran Allard, this family run chacra makes award winning alfajores. Don’t skip it.
  • BONUS: Bodega de Bernardi is the only winery IN El Bolson proper so don’t forget to include a visit here as well, apart from your gluttonous day in El Hoyo.

White Wine in Trevelin, Chubut

Trevelin has become quite famous for its tulips but the rich earth here grows much more than bulbs.

You’ll also find berries, peonies, cherries, and of course, high quality Patagonia vineyards.

There are three wineries here that produce stand out white wines.

  • Viñas del Nant y Fall – Nant y Fall is the oldest winery in Trevelin, next door to the tulip fields. They have a restaurant on site for lunch of pastas and empanadas and a lovely gift shop featuring local products.
  • Contra Corriente – Owned by 2 fishing enthusiast friends from Montana, this fishing lodge doubles as a vineyard. It’s the easiest to visit, just outside of town on the way to the national park.
  • Casa Yagüe – This family-run winery is my favorite and produces the highest quality wine here. Schedule a lunch or sunset dinner here to make the most of the beautiful property.

Cielos De Gualjaina Winery

Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, this tiny village gets the bulk of its tourism thanks to the natural wonder nearby, Piedra Parada.

This is a popular day trip from Esquel and El Bolson, if you can squeeze int he time for a busy and long day, also include a stop at Cielos de Gualjaina.

Better yet, stay in town for a night to take it at your leisure and do it all justice.

Spend a day at Piedra Parada and a second day with a nice lunch and tasting. at Cielos de Gualjaina, a small family run winery producing excellent white varietals.

We met the owner on a guided visit and tasting and were really impressed by the family’s passion for the project as they test out different varietals to see what can thrive in these extreme conditions.

They were beginning to develop for tourism, planning new offerings like picnic lunches and the like. I can’t recommend this place enough.

Bodega Trina in Rio Colorado is the perfect pit stop on a Patagonia road trip

Bodega Trina, Rio Colorado

The wineries above were all near the Andes, but Bodega Trina is in Rio Negro on the East.

If you’re driving from Buenos Aires to Bariloche and desperate for a pit stop that is more than just a place to sleep, this is the answer.

We stopped on our way to Bariloche and again on our way to Buenos Aires from Puerto Madryn.

They produce only Malbec at the moment and the location on the river is priviledged.

Book a night or two in their bird nest inspired lodgings that jet over the water ideal for couples. For families they have a tiny house with two bedrooms.

Patagonia Wine Region Map

Below is a map of all the Patagonia wineries mentioned in this article.

You can see that most are clustered together just north of Neuquen city proper. They can easily be visited on a day trip from the city.

Bodega Des de la Torre is significantly further and can’t be visited on the same day or likely even the same trip.

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