Where to Get a PCR in Buenos Aires

One of the new hassles of travel is getting your PCR prior to travel and getting it promptly.

With most countries requiring a negative test within 72 hours of boarding your flight, we now must scramble for the swab.

Luckily for us, the medical system here in Argentina is very modern, efficient (mostly!), and easy to navigate.

This article is a list of the best labs and clinics that offer easy, quick, and affordable PCR tests in Buenos Aires.

Is anyone this happy for a PCR? Maybe if it means travel!

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PCR Tests in Buenos Aires

Most labs charge from $6,500-$8,000 pesos per test.

Always confirm the turn-around time before you commit to a lab and confirm the time frame you need the test taken for your destination (typically 72 hours of your flight home).

Plan in advance as some of these labs require appointments at least 24 hours in advance.

Bring your passport, just in case. When I did mine it wasn’t required but one lab on this list requests it. It’s always better to have too much documentation than not enough.

Come see this friendly fellow for your PCR in Buenos Aires

Rapid PCR in Ezeiza

  • Cost: $6,000 for PCR, $4,500 for Antigen
  • Stamboulian is a lab that conducts rt-PCR and Rapid Antigen tests in both airports, Ezeiza and Aeroparque
  • Results within 4 hours (printed or by email, English or Spanish)
  • Passengers traveling in the same-day have priority
  • Must show passport/travel document
  • No appointment required, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Every passenger is responsible for knowing what test is required by your destination
  • For more information and to confirm up-to-date costs/hours, click here. There is a WhatsApp number for questions.

Diagnóstico Maipú

  • Cost: $8,200 (10% discount for cash), discounts for families of 4 or more.
  • No appointment needed
  • Same day results
  • PCR available at four locations in Vicente López, San Isidro, Cabildo y Pilar.
  • The Cabildo location in Belgrano is the most convenient location if you’re in the city, the others are in the northern suburbs.
  • Visit this website for complete and most up-to-date information and the time table for when to expect your results


  • Cost: $6,500
  • Results available within 24 hours in English or Spanish
  • If it’s for travel bring your travel document (passport)
  • Multiple convenient locations throughout the city including Belgrano, Palermo, Villa Crespo, Recoleta, and Retiro
  • Appointment required, easy to do online here.


  • Cost: $7,500 for Test rt-PCR Express (same day results)
  • At home business model, they will come to your home (Airbnb, hotel) to conduct the test
  • Appointments required at least 24 hours in advance
  • Check website to make appoint and compare test options
  • They have a regular rt-PCR test with 24-48 hour turnaround promised, but the Express 12 hour turnaround is only 500 pesos more. You’ll have results typically by 10 pm same day.


  • Location downtown at Viamonte 1742
  • Results in 24 hours
  • Appointment required, check website here, make it online filling out the form or contacting their Turnos number on WhatsApp (+5491169041035)

Centro Rossi

  • Cost: $7,800 pesos
  • Rossi has many locations but conduct rt-PCR tests at their Abasto (Sánchez de Loria 117 – CABA) and San Isidro (Dardo Rocha 3032 – San Isidro) locations
  • Appointment required, fill out form online here
  • Results in 24 hours

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