Agave plants in front of snowcapped mountains

Where to Stay in Mendoza from City Luxury to Winery Resorts

Choosing your accommodation for your next holiday can make or break your experience. I can spend AGES researching hotels, neighborhoods, and transportation options for my trips because where you relax at the end of the day is everything. Whether you’re wine tasting or seeking adventure in the Andes, there’s a Mendoza accommodation option that will … Read more

Single story historic buildings in a Spanish colonial town in Argentina

Things to Do In Cachi, Salta

The 8 best things to do in Cachi, Salta in Northwestern Argentina plus three exciting excursions into the region.

Geological formations in the desert

The Perfect Salta Road Trip: Our Salta Itinerary

Salta, in Northwestern Argentina, is one of those places I can’t stop returning to. It’s one of the most beautiful regions in the country, it’s very affordable, and it has some of the best food and wine in Argentina. What more could you ask for!? If you said beautiful scenic routes, then don’t worry! Salta … Read more

A cactus stands tall behind to rows of vines in a winery in Cachi

6 Wineries in Cachi to Visit

The best wineries in Cachi and how to visit this isolated, hard-to-reach wine region in Salta.