Nomadic Foodist x SolSalute Podcast Episode

As a podcast addict myself I was thrilled when Chris at the Nomadic Foodist podcast reached out to have me on his show.

It was a fun conversation about all my favorite things: travel and food.

If you’re looking for a casual listen, just a conversation between two food lovers, you’ll love this episode.

We discussed all our favorite spots to eat in Buenos Aires, so you’ll even discover some good gems to visit when you come to BA!

Sol Salute on Nomadic Foodist Podcast Episode

Here’s everything we talked about:

  • Why do I travel and how I got here
  • My study abroad in Granada, Spain (and why they have the best tapas in Spain)
  • Our favorite empanadas in Buenos Aires
  • Argentine Asado and how it represents culture here as a whole
  • My favorite food experiences in South Africa
  • How Mexico City surprised me
  • Some useful tips for your next trip to Buenos Aires and Argentina overall

Where to listen?

Click the player below to listen right here and now or find it in your favorite podcast app below:

Read more on his website’s show notes to find all the places we discuss and relevant blog posts.

1 thought on “Nomadic Foodist x SolSalute Podcast Episode”

  1. Great podcast episode! The conversation between you guys was very much a love letter to Buenos Aires – specifically the food scene. I love how you admitted skepticism toward dishes you were not familiar with and how you grew to love them. Shoutout to Blue Bell ice cream!

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