Buenos Aires City Guide + Bonus BINGO Card!


Are you intrigued by anarchist pastries and bike-bound knife sharpeners?

This is a one of a kind city guide to all of the curiosities you’ll encounter when wandering the streets of Buenos Aires.

Use this 24 page e-book and accompanying BINGO card to open your eyes to peculiarities you would otherwise miss, gaining a deeper insight to Porteño culture along the way.

You won’t learn any of this in your average guidebook!

What you’ll get:

  • A Bingo Card to tick off the items as you encounter them
  • A 24 page e-Book with illustrations, photos, and a detailed description of the what and the why behind each curiosity.
  • The above will be delivered as two separate PDF documents for you to download


Travel Guide FAQ’s

How do I play Buenos Aires Street Bingo?

This unique Buenos Aires travel guide is primarily that, a travel guide in the form of an e-Book. The accompanying BINGO card can be used as much or as little as you want. 

In the simplest of rules, you can simply tick off the items as you see them until you’ve found them all. Competitive? Print cards for the whole family and see who wins in blacking out the card or traditional bingo (5 across/up/down/diagonal).

How will I receive my BINGO card & e-Book?

You will receive both documents in the form of a digital PDF. Download them and read them on your phone or print them to read at your leisure.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this product, I’m unable to offer refunds.

This e-Book and BINGO card are not for resale or distribution.

Sol Salute created travel guides are meant for personal use only. All content is subject to copyright and is not intended for distribution. While I invite you to share this guide with your immediate travel party, please refrain from further sharing. Your greatest compliment is your referral.


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Buenos Aires City Guide + Bonus BINGO Card!